Still No Spark

I posted a thread just like this earlier today but I've checked the spark and I have none. I grounded the plug on several different parts of the bike but none of them produced a spark. I tried with the kill switch on and off still nothing.

Does this mean my coil is bad? What else can I check before I try to get a new one?

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Hey Im having the same problem with my 2001 tomos targa lx I'm seriously gonna sell my ped that I just bought 450 bucks worth of parts into. No Spark and I have a new coil and a new magneeto assembly. WHAT THE CRAP. is there a switch or wire some where on the bike

Re: Still No Spark

i remember that other thread ..

start from the beginning..

How long have you had this bike.. did it ever run .. If so did it run well.

Did it run and the the no-spark problem happened suddenly for no reason, or did it happen after you did something or changed anything... etc ..

if there's anything you can think of that may have any bearing on the present condition of the bike, just post it.

I don't see where you started off with a brand new sparkplug.. but there's a ton of other possibilities besides the obvious fixes. The more such clues you provide the better advice people can offer..

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I totally agree with you Joe. I'm fully confident in myself-with some help-that I can get this sucker going.

I'll start here-

I've had the bike for two days and three nights now. The moped never had a spark plug so it never ran. I put a brand new Champion 830 in it yesterday and tried to start it up. When it didn't start I figured it was a fuel problem because the spark plug was brand new. I disassembled the carb and found out that it had been tampered with and some parts were missing. I'll be rebuilding the carb as soon as Zippy gets back with me on a rebuild kit.

In the mean time I've been trying to diagnose any other problems that the bike may have. I have some small engine repair experience but it is limited to 4 stroke lawnmower engines. I've never worked on 2 cycle stuff or motorcycles for that matter.

I can't say for sure, but I think a previous owner had tried doing a bunch of work on the moped and quit in the middle of it.

What is the next part in from the plug that needs to be checked and how do I check it?

Sorry this is so long

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spark at the electrodes can be difficult to see.. it's a faint blue. Clamp the metal base of the plug to a clean spot on the engine fins and crank the engine..

ok .. did that.. no spark with the brand new plug..

you say someone may have been working on it and quit?

Do a visual check of the magneto/flywheel. Does it look like it contains all the parts? got a set of points in there? coils of wire? Find a condenser anywhere? See any disconnected wires laying around?

Is the plug lead secure in the ignition coil or did someone try to 'unscrew" something that probably doesn't unscrew...

Was the bike rewired? Do all the kill or ignition switch wires show continuty to ground with ignition on and kill-switch off (run)?

Spend some time examining the basics.. look for clues of possible tampering.


Electrically, small 2 or 4 strokes are identical.. slight variations exist between different models and brands of each, but the same basic magneto system is used.

Major electrical component failure is rare and that possibility should be at the bottom of the check list. However, in this case i have a feeling the previous owner had a no-spark problem and may have done anything.. and some things, like persistant attempts to get a spark with an ungrounded plug can damage things.

to be continued..

oh yeah.. no carb

you can still get the thing to fire up with a squirt of Starter Fluid right into the intake manifold.. If the damn thing does come to life, you do not have a spark problem .. it's not likely, but miracles do happen.

continued later..

Re: oh yeah.. no carb

Hi Guys I have a similar problem can you help?


hang in there.. im outta here for a while..

meantime use the Search thingy up there..

type in " tomos targa" and "no spark" or similar ..

select All Dates in the dropdown arrow thing.. select Subject and Message Bodies.

you're gonna get a whole lot of hits and a lot of ideas to try.


Re: scubado

Thanks Joew


Re: scubado

check out the post I just made to "scuba". He has spark problmes on the same type of bike, I just wrote a lot of info on how to fix it.

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I'm having a real hard time here. I'm looking at a ciao/bravo/si manual for a good diagram. Will I be able to use one of the pictured diagrams to match up with my grande?

I've found a loose wire that I think goes to the kill switch. It is in a cluster with three wires. One is black one is blue and one is red. The red one connects to a piece I'm assuming in the flywheel/magneto the blue and black wires are in a crimp connector that goes to another prong further away from the flywheel. One side of the connector was broke and it wasn't attached very well. I can fix that. There was also one more connection to the top of the flywheel which I assume goes to the condensor.

However, I can't see the flywheel and magneto because of the side shroud. Do I need to remove the shroud? By the looks of it I will have to remove the belt, clutch and possibly rear wheel for this to happen. Is that all necessary? I'll do it if I need to but I don't want to go in there ripping shit out if it doesn't need to come out.

It is getting way late and I have no idea if any of this makes sense but I do know for sure that I'm learning a lot about this subject.

Thanks Joe!


Re: Still No Spark

check your rear tail light/brake light bulbs if one of those is blown it won't run.Hth.jim

Re: Still No Spark


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