1991 tomos ish

my new 1991 tomos 5 spead mopeds lights dont work do i nead a battery

Re: 1991 tomos ish

SpeEd... not speAd.

1991 tomos's had an A3 unless it was a dirt-bike which MAY have had a 5 speed in it.

1991 tomos's were 6 volt. so go find yourself a 6 volt battery... put it up your ass... then connect the two clamps of a battery charger to your tongue and plug it in... you'll see lights...


Re: 1991 tomos ish

sorry, find yourself a 6 volt bulb... damn i hate it when i fuck up a burn...

Re: 1991 tomos ish

yea, just go to any auto parts store and buy a small car battery. That should solve your problem

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