Puch p32/1 Carb???

I have a guy selling a carb and he says it has p32/1 stamped on the side. Is this a moped carb? Will it fit a stock maxi? He says it came off a Puch but cant verify if it was a moped or a motorcycle....



Re: Puch p32/1 Carb???

Here is a pic of the carb...

Re: Puch p32/1 Carb???

Jason Luther /

i couldnt get the picture to work, but judgning by the numbers, no it is not a moped carb. most likely it is from a 150-250cc motorcycle. as far as being able to fit, ask the guy what the outside diameter of the intake is (or the inside diameter of the out side of the carb) and then measure a maxis intake manifold.

Re: Puch p32/1 Carb???

No it's not a moped carb. It's far too big. It's for a Puch 250 SGS. How much does he want for it, and what kind of shape is it in? I might want it.

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