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K, So i got my moby traveler running, but its stuck on full blast, the throttle seems to be useless, I'm assuming its something in the carb, but i know nothing about carbs....

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stuck throttle cable.

Motobecane carbs are retardedly

just take it off and give it a good cleaning.

also good idea if the bike has been outside for a long time then replace the throttle cable.

When i put carbs backtogether i usually put a little 2 stroke oil on the slide and make shuire its nice and clean. Prevents that randomn sticking!

but some motobecanes i have have sitcky handles so i have cruise controll!!!!

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Mike Scouty McScoutington /

nothing like the cruise control.

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steveintoronto /

i thought that was only available on hondas!

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Well, the cruise control.....would be great if it would GRADUALLY come on, but when it starts....its on full...WHEE!

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someone did not line up the throttle when the put the carb back together.

that is my guess

if you are lucky you did not break the tab

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cruise control kicks ass. to turn it off you gotta wd-40 the cable. maybe the slide in the carb was put in wrong

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tomos has it too! :D

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yea, the tomos i had a while back had it too.

nice feature. Just make shure you have a functioning kill switch and brakes!!!

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yeah, my moby has cruise control too :-)

it does turn with ease, (not always full on) but if i pull the throttle all the way back it sticks there and just stays, kinda funny. is it bad? is that just needing a little lube on the slide? not that i mind the CC.

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