FA50 6V battery?

Hey, can anyone give me some advice on finding and replacing the 6V battery in my 83 FA 59 shuttle? I rode her for over an hour after pulling from winterization, and now her pretty little lights won't even come on...help.

Re: FA50 6V battery?

I don't think you necessarily need a battery. If you just connect the wires together and ride it everything should work. At least mine does.

Re: FA50 6V battery?

Screeech! (hitting the brakes)

You connect the positive and negative battery terminals together?

I don't doubt you but I never heard of that.

I've just had mine laying in the battery box.


Re: FA50 6V battery?

Oh the question, I almost forgot.

Isn't that the same battery for practicaly every 6v motorcycle?

You go to Pep Boys and see if they have MC batterys.

I used to get em a target.

Yusa 6n2-2a-4


Re: FA50 6V battery?

Or depending on the size, got Walmart and buy the kiddie car 6V gel cell deep cycle battery.....I stuffed one of those in a bike I have and it lasts longer.....

Re: FA50 6V battery?

I have a 6V deep cell bat. which came from Lowes (Home ctr.).

It won't fit the bat. box.


Re: FA50 6V battery?

Holy crap! I just joined Moped Army and I'm overwhelmed with the responses to my question. THANKS! I'm gonna take your suggestions, and do my best with the battery. I'm not too electrically/mechanically knowledgeable (I'm learning).

Know anybody on the NW side of Chicago that would want to come and tinker around with me?


Re: FA50 6V battery?

"Know anybody on the NW side of Chicago that would want to come and tinker around with me?"

I'm not touching that comment with a 10' pole. ;)

Just for the record,

you are using the MA forum resource.

To me a "member" you have to be accepted into a MA chapter.

You are still in good company.


Re: FA50 6V battery?

Contact "Peddy Cash" in Chicago.



Re: FA50 6V battery?


are you saying that you connect the wires that go to the battery, (that isn't there), together?

does the moped run like that, and if so for how long? i wish i was there to see this.

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