Cimatti idling (or not)

Need everyone's expert advice. I am still working on this Cimatti. Finally, I got it running. Sort of.

Here's the thing. I can pedal my tuckus off and then get it going but it doesn't want to seem to idle. I have to give the thing half throttle for it to stay running when I am at a stop. When I let go of the throttle, it instantly dies.

If anyone has any thoughts, please chime in.

Re: Cimatti idling (or not)

I just resurrected a Cimatti last week.

I had to change the throttle cable and the length was a tad wrong. I have my idle screw all the way in and it idles good. But any other position and it wont idle at all.

Mine's a 1975 city bike two tank.

And the throttle handle is sticky and lame.

Start with the idle srew.

Freds guide is the best for trouble shooting.

It's in the articles link.

Re: Cimatti idling (or not)


I'll give it a try. What carburetor are you using? How fast can these things go? Would love to talk to another Cimatti owner.


Re: Cimatti idling (or not)

My cimatti goes about 30. The speed needle wiggles like mad.

It has a delorto carb. not sure on the details.

Its heavy and starts slow but once its going it gets real strong and pulls like a champ.

5000 miles on it

dead in a yard for 10 years.

25 bux in parts.

all good.


speedo wiggle

pull the speedo cable out and grease the entire length.

Re: speedo wiggle

Damn Squid:

10 years in the elements? You're like the Jesus of Mopeds, bringing it back to life.

Did you have trouble with the electrics at all? Chewed up wirin harness?

Re: speedo wiggle

I'm more like the Kayne West of mopeds than Jesus. haha

The bike was in a back yard with some piece of plywood keeping the water of it and sun. The electical was all good. The tank musta been empty when they stored it.

The carb wasnt even all that bad. It just needed a throttle cable more than anything else.

I gave the bike to my girlfriend so we could destroy together.

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