honda pa50II isn't getting enough gas?

new problem that just started with my pa50II. it was running really well this season and just a few days ago it started dying when i would hit about 15mph. it would run like normal up to 15mph and then it would die like there was no gas. if i put the choke in, it would rip again for a bit and then act like there was no gas. it still idles fine and runs up to like 15, but then it dies. i assumed it was a air/fuel issue so i adjusted that, but could only get it to reach 20mph and then it does the exact same thing. when you screw out the air/fuel screw, does that allow for more gas to reach the motor? does this sound like just an air/fuel, idle screw issue, or could a dirty carb cause this problem. or possibly a bad mix of oil/gas? let me know what you guys think, tomorrows the first day of riding with the guys and i'd like to go out. word.


Re: honda pa50II isn't getting enough gas?

that's an idle mixture adjustment screw .. has almost zero effect on off-idle running. I doubt the carb is dirty.

it sounds like fuel starvation.. like the carb is not being refilled as quickly as it is being drained of fuel. At about 15 mph it's 'running out of gas'.

check fuel flow from the fuel line .. disconnect it from the carb and drain about a cup into a clean glass jar. You wanna see a steady thick, stream of clean fuel on both Reserve and Main .. if not, first check the little screen filter on the bottom of the petcock .. if cleaning that changes nothing, pull out the petcock and look at the internal screen.

also the gas tank cap needs to be vented or a vacuum builds in the tank and fuel flow slows. The tiny vent hole can get clogged but it's rare (unless you did something that mighta clogged it up)

Re: honda pa50II isn't getting enough gas?

Joe Wilcox /

i checked the flow coming out of the petcock and out of my gas line into my carb and it is steady and free flowing.... any other ideas??

Re: honda pa50II isn't getting enough gas?

_put the choke in, it would rip again for a bit and then act like there was no gas_

that pretty much says it's starving for fuel.. mixture is lean.

The choke cuts air and richens the mix.. so the engine gets a somewhat more correct air:fuel ratio.. It runs better for a few moments until all available fuel is really gone. Choke can no longer help and it dies lean.. There's not enough fuel getting in.

I'd say hold off on dropping the engine to clean the mainjet.. If it's partly restricted it will slow fuel flow into the small cavity above it (the emulsion tube cavity) A lack of fuel there could also cause the lean symptom.

First i'd do the whole checkup thing. New plug, gapped right. File the point contacts a bit. Check for vacuum leaks by spraying Starter Fluid around the intake manifold area.. Check head bolt torque. (since it happened suddenly a cloggged exhaust won't be involved)

hopefully you'll get lucky and bump the right thing the right way and avoid dropping the engine to get at the carb.. but i wouldn't bet on it.

Re: honda pa50II isn't getting enough gas?

Try this:

Drain the float bowl to see if you are getting a full flow of fuel thru the float valve. Take the right side chain cover off the bike. The front chain sprocket has cutouts in it. Look thru the cutouts and you will see a hole in the engine mounting plate. In the hole you will see a screw. This is the float bowl drain screw. With the fuel tap on, back out the screw to see if you get a steady flow of fuel out of the drain hose.

If after doing what joew says and the floatbowl drain trick, the bike still doesn't go, it sounds like an engine drop to me.

Re: honda pa50II isn't getting enough gas?

good idea..

ya know, last night i was sitting here staring at this bike, trying to come up with more things to try .. That one evaded me.

Re: honda pa50II isn't getting enough gas?

Joe Wilcox /

just an update, did all the suggestions, still nothing, so i dropped the motor and pulled the carb... main jet was a little dirty as well as the nozzle. cleaned those suckers up and its ripping again. i appreciate the help guys. any suggestions on how to not get a dirty carb again, or is that hopeless, i have an inline filter.

also, i posted about my roomates pa50 a week or so back about gas leaking out the carb and turns out it was just the drain screw, he is now going 20mph on his bike. word.

Re: honda pa50II isn't getting enough gas?

not much to do.. the screen filters trap anything that enters with the fuel that is large enough to clog something. Smaller stuff gets burned.

If the system is clean to start with it's good to go for years. Use fresh gasoline.. As to gasoline deterioration from long periods of storage.. i never used it on a bike but Stabil supposedly helps.

Just knowing the symptoms is half the battle .. bike is hard starting or dies at idle or bogs at some speed or top speed drops .. make an appointment to clean the carb.

Re: honda pa50II isn't getting enough gas?

Stabil works great on 2-strokes. I use it on outboard boat motors 'cause running them in a sub-zero winter is unrealistic. As for a 4-stroke, the Honda XL75 I had as a kid never had it and never seemed to suffer any ill effects, then again it would be run at least couple of times a winter.

Re: honda pa50II isn't getting enough gas?

only place i currently use it is in a emergency generator's tank and the spare one gallon gas container... it's under a workbench, under a tarp, under a layer of dust.. haven't even looked at that thing out for a couple years.

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