1979 Indian upgrade?

I just bought a 1979 Indian moped and over the weekend have added 100 miles to the supposed 750 original miles that it had on it, I noticed that I can barely AND rarely go faster than 25mph. I want to go a little faster...preferably 30-35mph. I was wonderin if anyone can help me get more familiar with my 79 Indian with wiring diagrams, tips on performance, pretty much any information that would help me out would be appreciated.

Re: 1979 Indian upgrade?

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Re: 1979 Indian upgrade?

Luke Evans /

okay, you probably want to do several things, checka nd re gap the points, set the tappets, do you have a manual? its the same engine as the honda p series do you really need a wiring diagram? it isnt a large circuit and the cables are all traceable, after you set the timing & tappets (tappets you might need a new rocker cover gasket) you might want to check compression,



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