Vespa Si Parts

Hello I need a few parts for my moped I was hoping that someone here could help. I need the driven gear, number 2 in the attatchment, idler gear, number 7, and the cover assembly, number 9.

Also I was wondering if anyone might want a darn good manual that I have in Adobe Acrobat format. It is the easiest to view manual that I have ever seen for my Vespa Si. I would be happy to upload the manual to anyone who wishes.


Todd Hurd

Re: Vespa Si Parts

Bruce Wilkinson /

Try for the parts

Re: Vespa Si Parts

could you email me the manual?



grz Thijs

Re: Vespa Si Parts

you wouldnt happen to have a parts bike or a spare front wheel woudl you?

Re: Vespa Si Parts

I have what you need.

and a lot more.

email me.

also have a beautiful (nos?) saddle seat too that I assume is for an si. (doesnt fit ciao, grande, or bravo)

Re: Vespa Si Parts

Hey do you have a speedometer/ speedo cable/ or chain tensioner?

I also need a good working petcock!

Re: Vespa Si Parts

""; That link should lead you to the manual. I put it in my briefcase in Yahoo. Let me know if you get it ok. I worked to get this manual in such good shape. Let's hope that it helps someone.


Ps. I have no parts. sorry. all I have is one Vespa Si that needs a bit of repair. However, I do hope that someone can make use of the manual

Re: Vespa Si Parts

Thanks Bruce I did email zippymoped. I am awaiting his response. He recently sold me a fine clutch.


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