i just picked up this little diddy for a low low price.

i dont have a CLUE how to start it..and also does anyone know the fuel mixture? thanks for any help


chris b


Re: moby

Under the Throttle on the right hand side there should be a little lever that will squeze up called the decompression lever. Get it up on the kick stand, squeze that and peddle the bike a bit. Make sure the switch on the left hand side is set to on. I'm sure Dan will tell you to disconnect it, which is a good idea, since they tend to crap out. Release the decompression lever once you can start to hear the bike turning over, and see if it will run.

50:1 gas to oil is the ratio, I believe. If that doesn't get her running, make sure that the fuel valve is turned to on, and try using the choke a bit, which is under the left handle.

Re: moby

there is decompression lover on the right hand side...

Re: moby

See Ya Moped Army /

"decompression lover"....that's news to me!

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