Pinto: How fast?

Finally got my 1978 Pinto working right--sort of. It goes 24 or 25, tops. This seems a bit slow to me, I was hoping for 30. Anyone know how fast these things generally go?

Here's the setup:

Don't know exactly what size the engine is, but I'm guessing it's not a 2hp as it doesn't have the high-torque head.

High-flow air filter from Moped Warehouse.

76 jet (yes, I know this sounds big, but a 72 is stock, and I re-jetted after adding the high-flow filter.)

Puch maxi muffler (which I think is the same as stock), freshly cleaned.

Re: Pinto: How fast?

well, if you have a 12mm carb and intake 25mph sounds about right.

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