what order should i??

i got my ignition coil, the throttle cable is en-route to me, and ill hopefully be buying the exhaust and spark plug(s) at the end of this week... im gonna worry about lil things like my speedo cable till after i get this thing running...

any suggestions on what order i should deal with these things? and what should i do next? put something in the gas tank would be my guess but.... yall are the experts so im askin...

Re: what order should i??


you should be recovering from that accident you were just in. but since you ask;

you are going to need spark. if you can muster up a wiring schematic, do so. you might get the inspiration to assemble the coil yourself. if you get spark, you're gonna be one lucky girl. that's a huge step in the right direction. to test for spark, just about any plug might work, just don't screw it into the hole. if it's too long, you'll have damage, horrible damage. the piston will hit the plug.

don't worry about gas. that's just about the last thing you do. the gas might go bad, by the time everything else is finally addressed.

remember, i said i would help you. i'm not gonna badger you about it, especially seein how you just got badly hurt. you just give me a hollar and i'll fix you up. as of now, you're doing just fine.

Re: what order should i??

Leon Swarmer /

Have you cleaned the tank and carb yet? added a fuel flilter?

Re: what order should i??

tank is empty and rust free so i have left it alone... turned out there was only a few drops of old fuel in it and that came out in the carb bowl.... and yes i have cleaned the carb...

Re: what order should i??

stitches came out yesterday, and all thats left now is some bruises that are fading and grossly yellow.... so im fine.... wanna get back to workin on this thing....

Re: what order should i??

oh! and i have a wiring diagram... its kinda small but readable... at this point i just wish i knew for sure which bullet i have, but having gotten it w/ no side covers im not positive.... theres 2 diagrams, one for the bullets, and another for the gold and silver bullets....

the bullet says A3SP, A3GM, and A3SL on it, and the other just says golden bullet and silver bullet.... all i have to go on is that i have the A3N motor....

Re: what order should i??

there can't be that many of them. i have a honda elite, and i had to check ebay for a couple of months before i was able to figure out which model i have. maybe that's what you should do. but as for wiring up the coil, i'll bet you that there all the same. research it, and you'll probably see that i'm right.

i'm glad you're recovering nicely.

Re: what order should i??

what color is it? blue bullet are blue and silver bullets are silver golden bullets can be gold or black and gold and then there are newer bullets like don p has a 1991 bullet tt w/ a35 motor......

Re: what order should i??

i have a blue bullet... so i figured it was safely not a silver or gold, but i cant figure out why the manual etc never mentions the A3N....

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