1980 Sach Sundancer

I have a 1980 Sachs Sundancer, I Got it out of an old garage of mine. The motor will turn over, but someone has messed with the wireing. They cut the wire harnes after the wires come out of the moters. Parts of them our just plan missing. There is a blue, black, and yellow wire coming out of the motor. The coil has two terminals. At this point I just want to see if I can get it started. I can handle most of the rest. Does anybody know what I conect what to..

Re: 1980 Sach Sundancer

do a search on this site for "wiring diagrams" and see what you find.

Which sachs engine do you have? I've attached a few sachs wiring diagrams, but there is no way to know which is correct until you determine which engine you have.


Re: 1980 Sach Sundancer

I Have the 504/1A



Re: 1980 Sach Sundancer

what kind of rims are on it ,, are they 7 spoke mag rims? if they are email me at Samzubel@aim.com

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That's the same engine I have, but it might be wired differently because I have a flying dutchman, not a westlake. If you want the manual I can e-mail it to you.

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Sounds Like you have the dreaded 3 wire not 4 or more. I got this (Attachment) from the SACHS Expert on this forum. He may jump in to this tread to help you out also.

If you stay with the 3 wire I may/can help you out some as I'm the only one that I know of who has not converted to 4 or more. (Mine is a 1978 Sachs Westlake).

I stayed with the 3 because I'm cheap and I didn't and still don't know that much about mopeds and was not up to doing a re-wire project.

The most fun/problem is the breaks because the switches are run (powered) backwards then most mopeds. You will need a 22 Ohm resistor for the 3 foot jumper wire. (Worked better for me). Getting this to work is fun fun fun. Moped will die when break is applied or, send 12 volts and kill bulb or, be very dim or, you use a 12 volt bulb and melt your lens.


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I don't see the points anywhere in the wiring diagram. Are they internally wired in the magneto unit?

It looks like you can just wire the blue wire to the coil and wire the other side of the coil to a good ground and it should be good to go.

Warning: If you do this the only way to shut it off would be to break the connection of the blue wire.

Re: 1980 Sach Sundancer

Points are internal.

Blue to coil.

Black to ground.

Hold Spark plug to metal and see if you get space...

If you install the spark plug and it starts you will have to disconnect a wire on a running engine. So just check for spare first.

Re: 1980 Sach Sundancer

the blue wire is the ignition hot wire. if you have the bosch coil it connects to terminal 1. if your coil is motoplat, you connect the blue wire from the electromagneto to the only wire on the coil.

the black wire is ground. if your coil is bosch, the black wire has to connect to both terminal 15 and the coil armature, which is the big piece of metal with the two holes in it. make sure the coil is grounded to the engine. if the coil is motoplat, the black wire just goes to the armature.

the yellow wire is lighting and is not needed for spark.

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