garelli revs high constantly

this garelli i was workin on revs full throttle when it starts, the carb was clean, the idle was all the way out, the choke was off, the throttle wasn not stuck. but the kicker is that if i put my hand over the dellorto carb it slows down and idles nice. how come? thanks

Re: garelli revs high constantly

umm look for an air leak. spray carb cleaner around the base gasket...if it revs up, you have an air leak.

Re: garelli revs high constantly

I would have said an air leak also. Check your carb and inlet manifold gaskets.

Also check that the carb slide is not hanging up.

Are you running it with the air cleaner on it? If not this could make the mixture lean causing fast running.

Re: garelli revs high constantly

yes air cleaner is on

Re: garelli revs high constantly

try this..

get it running, block off the air intake with something so it idles nice like you say it does.

now get a can of Starter Fluid.. not WD40 or anything like an oil. Starter Fluid is ether and is extremely flammable, even able to burn at very low temperature with as little as 20% oxygen or as much as 80% (if memory serves, which i doubt).

Now spray the entire engine and intake manifold.. around the cylinder base, etc, a section at a time. When you spray wherever air is getting in (vacuum leak) the engine will rev up.

Re: garelli revs high constantly

cool thanks

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