O/t 2 or 4 stroke?

I have a tecumseh 4.5 hp and i have no idea if its 2 or 4 stroke. dont 4 strokes get there oil injected into the carb? there is no spot on the original carb for this to happen. but there is oil in the crankcase? how can i find out if it 2 or 4?

Its a tecumseh h40-3461 4.5hp off a moto-mower snowblower



Re: O/t 2 or 4 stroke?

if it is a 4 stroke it doesn't use 2-stroke oil, there is a built in motor-oil resoivor (sp) for it.. if you see an oil fill and and oil drain plug its mostl ikely a 4 stroke.

Re: O/t 2 or 4 stroke?

4 strokes have valves in the combustion chamber, they don't burn oil so it will not have an oil injection tank, nor will it have a printed reminder to mix your oil and gas, but the easyest way to tell a 2 stroke from a 4 is by where the carb and exaust are, and what the head looks like, if it's a flat head with the spark plug in the middle, then look to see if the carb is mounted twards the base of the cylender, or closer to the top, near the head, or in the head, and same thing with the exaust, is it high on the head, or at the base of the cylender.

Re: O/t 2 or 4 stroke?

Jason Luther /

it is for sure a 4 stroke. geez

Re: O/t 2 or 4 stroke?

George Smith /

lol this was not a very bright post he answered his own question yes it's a 4 stroke.....

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