Darn Motobecanes

Hayden Stevens /

Ok, so in my other post I was asking about the Voltage regulator things on all the 6v Motobecanes... well the one bike I was specifically concerned about is a 12v frame (no diode regulator)... and right now it's got a 6v engine on it....I don't get any electrical at all....In the beginning I did, but then it died and never worked again...I don't think it ever had a spark even when it had the 12v Engine, but I'm not sure......

First To make sure I'll ask again: If it has a Diode Regulator on it, does that mean it's a 6v frame for sure??? or are there 12v Diode regulators?

So I'll have to ask....I know lights don't need to work for the bike to run, but what about the horn? I heard Puchs won't run without a working horn.....

Also, other than the diode regulator on the 6v bikes, are there any other differences between 6v and 12v bikes??-and I don't mean the Engine-anything else......

I was also told that there is an extra wire coming from the magnito on 12v engines,, I'm not sure this is correct because I have 8 motobecanes, and I have never noticed an extra wire...

Thanks for the help


Re: Darn Motobecanes

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

ok lets start at the begining. did you download the manual? that will help you a lot. only te 6 votl bikes ('77 and earlier) have a zenor diode. second check your ground wire and see if it is connected right. that is the wire that runs from the high coil and mounts to the engine mount. you may also want to make sure that the plug wire is connected to the high coil. disconnect the kill switch as well. that is the wire that jumps off of the ignition wire right before the high coil. those switches are flakey. the wiring harness is completly different form the 6 to 12 volt systems which negates the need for the zenor diode. you dont need to have a working horn or lights to make a motobecane work. i dont have a horn on my bike and it runs great. over the years motobecane did a lot of stuff to cut the weight of their bikes. the front forks on a '76 weigh about 10 pounds less than those of a '79. the headlight was changed in 1978. all they did was change the switch style on those bikes. also, in '78 the chain tensioner was changed from one that sucks to one that is good. other than those few things like that, and the before mentioned electrical there are no real differences. its not so much an extra wire as much as an extra used wire. in the 6 volt one of the wires is strickly a ground where as it now carrys power.

hope that helps.


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