puch idle not working

i have a 78 puch maxi and everytime i brake, it dies. I tried adjusting the idle and no matter which way i turn the screw it dies instantly. What could be causing the idle to do that? i've tried cleaning the carb and it still does it.

Re: puch idle not working

not sure if this applies, or if it's a whole different issue: my grande dies every time i break. it's all tied up with the whole 'bike doesn't work if the break light doesn't work' issue... mixed with the wiring being all messed up on my bike.

pulling the break releases a switch that activates the breaklight. i had to tape this switch down so that it never releases. actually, i had to remove the switch and tape the wires together. so until i figure out the overall wiring issue, i just don't have a breaklight.

Re: puch idle not working

didn't you say that you had the larger jet in the carb? i think that a stock puch carb will fix you right up. even if it doesn't i would use it until you get this problem fixed.

go with a stock carb.

Re: puch idle not working

See Ya Moped Army /

If it dies as soon as you hit the brakes, check the ground connection at the taillight. A rusty or loose ground will cause the bike to die when the brake switch is engaged.

Re: puch idle not working

Or reset your Jet needle down 1 notch. A good setting is 3rd notch from the top.

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