Puch vs Pinto

So I'm fixing up a 77 JcPenney Pinto I found at the local junkyard. I've replaced all the parts that needed it. Didn't spark. There was no voltage coming out of the coil so I got a new one. it was getting proper voltage but yet it again, it didn't spark. I reded the wiring harness, didn't spark. I tested the conductivity through out all of the wirings, didn't spark. I have even tried hotwiring it, after looking at the wiring diagram, nothing. I was using the wiring diagram for the puch since i couldn't find a pinto one. I thought they were the same. Someone told me that someof the wiring was backwards. Specifically the brake switches. Earlier I had to replace some of them. Has anyone else heard anything about this? Or have any other ideas?

Re: Puch vs Pinto

Leon Swarmer /

Have you made sure your brakelight bulb is oK?

Re: Puch vs Pinto

have you checked your points and condenser.

Re: Puch vs Pinto

yep, i had that problem once before

Re: Puch vs Pinto

I tried cleaning the points. I got a flathead with some sandpaper on the end and cleaned them. I have never touched the condensor though. How would i go about doing that?

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