qt-50 running

I bought this yammahopper and spent quite a-bit of time working on it I finally realized that It needed new piston, rings and a good honing. I assumed that this would fix all however I put er all back together and when I have it up on the stand it will pick up and that back wheel will haul a$$ however when I sit on it the thing sounds like a am not even giving it gas. I really want to ride this thing but I can't figure any of it out. It has new gas and 2 stroke oil. I drained and cleaned the tank. the engine is almost all brand new. I put a new plug in it and it seems to spark fine.( what plug # do you use(NGK)) It might be too hot. The plug doesnt get black and the think doesnt seem to be running rich. If you have any ideas let me know. Thanks.


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remove the air cleaner and muffler for diagnosis purposes.

Re: qt-50 running

I occasionally hbad this problem when I take apart the carburetor. The carb slide has probably turned, causing the throttle to be at full blast. Compliments of Smitty, he has a website which shows how to take apart your carb. There are two grooves on the carb slide. The smaller of the two lines up with the idle screw and the other is on the opposite site. Check this website out. http://smcmopeds.tripod.com/id17.html


Re: qt-50 running

I took off the muffler and air cleaner. Then I pulled apart the carb. I checked the black rubber needle(and the float) and it seems to be in great shape I then used carb cleaner and compressed air and completely cleaned out every port and hole possible. I really took time putting the carb slide back together. I put it back together as in your video and it still is lagging. I am still confused. The tank is clean and the fuel flows. Do i need a inline filter?

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