Puch Air Filter?


I am curious if anyone with a Puch Maxi runs with an air filter? I can not seem to get a K&N to fit??? I have a heavily modified air box, but it is held together with tape etc)

Can anyone share pictures of what they are using for a PUCH air filter?



Re: Puch Air Filter?

Smitty Smith /

Chris at MWH sells a really nice K&N type airfilter for the Puch...about $22 shipped. I suggest upjetting though when you run this filter.

Re: Puch Air Filter?

i use this one


Re: Puch Air Filter?

this one


Re: Puch Air Filter?

and this one, among others

the stock air box works well if you open it up some, but then you tend to lose that cleaning power, i always at least open up the hole in the back where they slide into the frame


Re: Puch Air Filter?

Thank you all for replying..... this is very helpful.

At the risk of sounding like a real rookie I am going to ask if I have my carb on backwards???? I noticed you all have your air intake pointing forward.... mine points backwards.

Attache is a picture to show what I am talking about.... pardon the quality - my camera is a piece.

Let me know if you think my carb should be swiveled 180 degrees?


Re: Puch Air Filter?

Oooop let me try again with that pic


Re: Puch Air Filter?

One more pic to show what is going on....

Again thanks for any advise...


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It looks like you have a Gurtner carb on there. Puchs came with a Bing carb. On the Garellis, that carb that you have would face forward but on Puchs the air filter end usually faces the back. You have it set up correctly for a Maxi. Did you put that carb on there or did you buy it like that?

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Also, that carb usually had an airbox on it that ran up and down so it wouldn't work with your current set up. I think most people assumed you had a Bing when they showed their current set-ups. . Heck, just use some panyhose and hold it in place with that hose clamp that is already there.

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no that looks more like a Dellorto SHA model carb, at least from what I can tell

definately not the right stock carb for a puch, but it should probably work fine none the less, you could probably rotate your intake manifold forward, and cut off a few cooling fins, and have the carb and intake set up face forward, and then you could get a better air cleaner for it

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Wow.... this is all news to me.... I read that Puchs came with a bing so that is what I assumed I had??? I bought the ped with the current carb.

I see what you are saying that you could not pivit 180 degrees because of the cooling fins..... hmmm.... so I suppose the solution is just find something that works, or rather make something work.

Can anyone tell me for certain what type of carb this is? What are the stats on it.... i.e. size jet or any other information.

Attached is another pic to try to help you help me :)




Re: Puch Air Filter?

it definately looks like a Dellorto SHA model carb, and if its not aftermarket, its probably a 14/12 or a 14/9, as those are the most common sizes that came on mopeds and I would assume someone just tossed one on there from another bike

if its a 14/9 then its probably way to small, and you could get a boost in performance by getting a bigger carb,

the 14/9 or 14/12 numbers refer to the venturi of the carb, I believe it goes 14mm around the air intake area then it tapers down to 9 or 12mm depending on what size you have

you shouuldbe able to read the side of the carb and see what the numbers are, it should say Dellorto SHA 14/12 or something like that

you just have to open the bowl up to see what size jet is in there, there is no way of knowing

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You're right about the carb being a Dellorto. I've been working on my Motobecane and my Garelli today so I'm getting my parts confused!

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The dellortos are pretty easy to find air filters for. You can fit any filter with a 2.5 inch opening. The only issue you might have is clearance from your frame. I had the same problem but for different reasons. My air filter was scraping my front tire and I did'nt like the fact that my filter was facing forward (ram air and all). So I went to the hardware store and picked up 2 90 pvc connectors. I cut them to lenth and used a clamp to hold the pvc to my carb and another to hold the uni filter to the pvc pipe. I will get a better picture tonight. I think you could use this method with just one 90 pipe to make the air filter face outward of your bike..

Also Brett,

I found that the 4" uni pod rubbed on my front wheel and even when I trimmed it down it still brushed. Do you have that setup on a maxi or a magnum?

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the sha dellorto is a 2.5 inch opening? I didn't realize that, thats what the 17mm bing is

i am using that 4 inch uni pod on a 17mm bing with the Malossi reed valve intake, and the polini kit

I had magnum forks on the maxi frame, and it seemed allright, however now i have EBR forks, extra long, with no fender, and I seem to have plenty of room, its smaller than the actual K and N filter that i was using before, that one just flat out wouldnt fit

don't you have the PHBG dellort on that Polini set up? why did you need all that crazy pvc and stuff

i think the longer forks, gives you a little more clearence than normal maxi forks


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Bill, take the carbureator off that thing is filthy. And on the carbureator it will say Dellorto under dellorto it will say the size. Air filters are easy to find for dellortos..


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Since you don't have alot of room for a large filter I would go with malossi filter or a air filter for an a35 tomos with the straight intake. 50cc.nl part no. 16335 to give you an idea of what it looks like.


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Re: Puch Air Filter?

Looks like a Dell orto SHA 14:12 to me too.

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