Just got a 74? hercules.

I just got a ?1974? hercules moped.... its pretty sweet, I know nothing about mopeds... I used to own an 85 honda elite 150 scooter.... but this is a BIG leap back in technology.

Long story short it has been sitting for a year.... what am I looking at for getting it running ? any advice for a moped newbie.... I am VERY PROFICIENT in F.I. auto work, I am a big toyota head, but have little carb knowledge.... any advice is very appreciated.

Tim In Sacramento.

Re: Just got a 74? hercules.

i am an any-japanese-car head. you are at the right place to get the info. if you use it, is up to you. off the top of my head, if it has bad gas in it, get good gas. get some tools and pay attention to this site. that is a sachs, and they are a very good german moped. i have one. have you tried to start it?

Re: Just got a 74? hercules.

roadent$ craig /

im beginning to gain knowledge about my sachs day by day...ive already learned how to clean the carb....it was pretty easy, and i know absolutely nothing about mechanics...that was my first mechanical adventure and it went flawless......what helped me were these instructional videos. my sachs carb was a little different than the puch, but seemed easier than the videos. The tricky thing is, is getting the airbox off...you have to open up the box and unscrew a screw holding itself to the carb.


Re: Just got a 74? hercules.

Are you getting a spark? To find out, take out the spark plug and leave it attached to the wire, meanwhile hold in the clutch handle and have someone pedal so the engine tries to turn over while you hold the spark plug close to engine crank case and look for a spark. If you're not getting a spark, there could be any number of things wrong, but check the following:

- new spark plug?

- wiring (which is always a big if, since there seem to be ungodly amounts of wires on these mopeds

- rear tailight/brakelight bulb burned out? This was part of the reason that my Sachs was not running when I bought it. The brakelight served as a connection somehow for the rest of the electrical system. (Interestingly, Volvo uses a similar feature on their older cars...you can't shift into drive or reverse if a brakelight is out.)

I have the manual for the Sachs 504/1 A engine. If this is your engine, e-mail me and I'll send it to you .pdf. I think that you will have that engine.

I was in the same boat as you a month ago...even worse off actually since I didn't know anything about combustion engines, much less mopeds. But, it's true that while they are quirky, they also tend to start right up just as long as you have gas getting to the cylinder and a spark to ignite it. It's quite a thrill when you get it started the first time and (hopefully) are able to take it for a spin. Never did 27 miles per hour feel so good.

Best advice though would be that if the bike looks like it's in pretty good shape, don't go tearing it all apart...it will probably start with just a little work on the carb, spark plug, or electrical system. I say this because while this site is by far the best resource, it also tends to make a new moped owner question whether everything is wrong. So rather than suspecting once thing after another, keep the diagnosis simple at first.

Re: Just got a 74? hercules.

roadent$ craig /

oh man...thats the engine i have...could you please send me that pdf of the manual?... craigery1@hotmail.com

Re: Just got a 74? hercules.

i would like that emailed to me too. i always want that kind of stuff. whether i own one or not. i am awful with a computer, however, and i would like to print it and put it in plastic sleeves.

Re: Just got a 74? hercules.

just bought a 77 hercules.. could i get this manual pdf sent tome as well. thanks. laura

Re: Just got a 74? hercules.

I could really use the 504 1-A repair manual you say you can email via .pdf.

Been looking everywhere for this manual and found nothing more than the 505 1-A manual.

The 2 motors are quite different, so I need the 504.

I would appreciate it if you could email it to me so I can print it out.

Is it in ENGLISH??????

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