Gas tank rusted through...

Lower edges of gas tank are rusted through... What is the BEST way to repair this? Any suggestions on a fix would help.

Re: Gas tank rusted through...

Lead patching is the best way... not the easiest. The easiest would be welding in patch pieces.. but you'd have to do it just right, otherwise you're going to have a very poor looking job.


Re: Gas tank rusted through...

real bummer man!

Re: Gas tank rusted through...

See Ya Moped Army /

If it's not too bad, I've had success using JB Weld.

Re: Gas tank rusted through...

i usally just poop in teh gas tank it works really good

Re: Gas tank rusted through...

Pooping really does work wonders for your moped it did for mine

Re: Gas tank rusted through...

Yaknow what? That's to be expected from someone with no profile. New Jersey?


The easier & The best

The easiest and probably the cheapest is to replace the tank - if it's

a top-tank. If it's an in-frame tank - you can always use Kreem or

POR-15 tank lining kits. The POR is better, but either will work.

For a moped I personally would empty the tank, wash it out with

alcohol, put a heat lamp on it to make sure it's dry, then clean and

scuff the outside before applying J/B Weld to patch it.

Another great epoxy that will work even better is Gluvit. Travco up

in Mass. makes it and marine supply stores carry it. Clean the

bottom of the gas tank as though you were going to paint it. Then

mix up and paint on two coats of Gluvit. Then, after it sets overnight,

sand and paint it. It will never leak again.



Re: Gas tank rusted through...

lol idk man thats tuff i thought my tank was bad. if your ne good at welding try that. I have no excperience in repairing a gas tank that bad.

Re: Gas tank rusted through...


Do you have a picture of the tank? It may be easier to determine the best method of repair if we actually see the damage.


Re: Gas tank rusted through...

George Smith /

I just JB welded a pin hole in my tank, so jb weld works well, I held a spark plug in a cylinder head of a tractor with jb weld for 5 years of every day use :P

Re: Gas tank rusted through...

maybe i ought to try that stuff.

Re: Gas tank rusted through...

JB Weld works, there's also gas tank repair kits you can buy in auto parts stores. I usually braze my gas tanks. A plumbers acetylene torch has enough heat and you can buy the brass rod at Home Depot. Just make sure the tank is empty, and then you even fill it with water, otherwise go boom!

Re: Gas tank rusted through...

Thank Yiou to those of you who responded - with the exception of 'bigjoe poophead'... What a waste!

I ground er' down and used liquid steel letting it ozz inside as much as possible. Did two different coats, and it really looks like it will work out great. Again - Thanks! EZ

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