throttle cabel

I am looking for a throttle cable for my 83 Honda Urban Express Nu50. Dealer doesnt have one and didnt seem interested in helping me must not be enough money in it for him. I was wondering if any cables from other honda models would work. Thanks Mark

Re: throttle cabel

it was about 3 years ago that i owned one of those. i don't remember anything special about that cable. do you still have the cable, and it froze/rusted solid?

Re: throttle cabel

yes i still have the cable it broke in the middle with out warning never got stiff and pulled out with ease was thinking about making one the trick might be making the ends

Re: throttle cabel

i have a sachs that i have used bicycle cables on the whole moped. i prefer bicycle cables because theyre thicker. the cable end that goes in the carb is tiny. that will make that job difficult. would your disinterested dealer sell you an express cable? they're probably the same.

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