Batavus issues- please help

Ok, so I got my 78 Bat Regency and I get her running, starts up nice, smooth idle, etc. Except that I cant get her to go more than 5mph with my fat ass riding. Now, the carb is clean, the compression is good, and I've run it without the pipe on and its no better, but I was getting a weak spark with a brand new plug. So, I brought it to Austin Mopeds, run by Beamer of the Hells Bombshells chapter and they replaced the ignition points but she still runs like ass and now theyre telling me I need a new or remagnetized flywheel. Here is a portion of the email they sent me:

"The flywheel needs replacement because it's demagnetized. The magneto doesn't create enough power to charge the coils properly. The magnetic field of the spinning flywheel is what creates the continuous power for the bike to run properly."

Does this sound right? I'm brand new to this, but I thought that if the lights worked fine (which they do) then its a pretty good bet the flywheel is probably working ok. Maybe not. Any help, advice or guidance here would be very much appreciated. Also, if this flywheel diagnosis rings true, I'd love any tips on changing out the flywheel- What kind of puller I want, etc. etc. etc.- I'm very eager to get this baby running around. Thanks so much everyone.

Re: Batavus issues- please help

i have never seen a batavus before, and you make a very good point about the headlight. you need a flywheel puller, and if you had another batavus that would be the ultimate solution to diagnose this problem. and you're not fat.

Re: Batavus issues- please help

thanks for telling me Im not fat, ed- you sure know how to make a guy feel pretty. Do you know if the regular Bosch puller that everyone talks about will work? I know sometimes the Batavi are kinda tempremental about standard-size stuff. Anyone else have any suggestions for this stuff?

Re: Batavus issues- please help

Jason Luther /

magnets do not loose their magnetism unless they are heated (way higher than from the engine, or hammered (if that were the case, they would be broken). are you sure you are using the correct plug, with the correct plug gap? will it rev up high on the stand?

Re: Batavus issues- please help

If the lights work it's ok. Is it reving and not moving? Do you think the clutch is slipping? Is the speedo working correctly? Most of the trouble I've had with my Bat's is the carb being dirty. Is the tank dirty and blocking the fuel valve.....

Re: Batavus issues- please help

The plug I'm using is the one recommended in an old manual I found, but there is some rust in the tank- I'll try to tell if thats the culprit. The speedo seems to be working ok, and it will rev up high when I have it on the stand. How can I tell if the clutch is slipping? When I was running it with the engine covers off, everything looked kosher to me, but I am very new at this- I may have missed something. Thanks guys.

Re: Batavus issues- please help

Hey Stinkeye (like the name),

I have 2 HS50s and I had a similar problem w/ one I pulled out of the trash. It ran fine on the kickstand but under "load" ( I'm fat too!;must be a Batavus thing) it just wouldn't go. I ended up cleaning the jet in the carb w/ a sewing nedle and gumout and re-assembled remembering to place the float w/ the needle side facing up. I also "bled" the fuel lines by not attaching the little plastic fuel inlet to the carb and just letting gas flow through and I was surprised at the little sediment junk that I recovered in the container I used to catch the flow. After I was satisfied there was no more junk coming out; I put it back on and "Voila" it ran great!!

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