speedo ?

My stock speedo on my Honda Urban goes up to 30, but the line seems to go about thirty five. I plan to be going around 40ish by mid-summer. Do I need to get a new speedo or can I take it apart and draw some numbers in? Thanks.


Re: speedo ?

Luke Evans /

well to be honest every speedo is different, even if you were to right down extra numbers i dotn think it would be accurate to them, also if you changed your speedo, you may have problems as the drvie to it can be different ie on different peds the speedo cable turns at different speeds when the mopeds are goign the same speed, to be honest i would just leave it as is, and when youve got the speed etc see what happens


Re: speedo ?

get a digi speedo...so far i'm impressed and their fun to install and do your math for optimum perf.and high tech looking........

Re: speedo ?

what kind of digital speedo do you have?

Re: speedo ?


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