1977 Intramotors Gloria Scout - No Spark

Hey All,

I recently purchased two neglected peds from an old couple who just let them sit for 10+ years.

I was able to get the 1976 model running and it's great. Now, on to the 1977... everything has been cleaned thoroughly, and a new spark plug has been installed. (Morini engines BTW)

I'm not getting a spark when I crank it... seems odd because this ped had less crud on the magneto than the 1976, and it sparks perfectly...

I don't know much about the electric stuff, so any help you can give me will be appreciated...

Also, does anyone sell performance exhaust for Intramotors Gloria peds? I've looked on 50cc.nl and few other places but to no avail.

Thanks in advance for your help....

Re: 1977 Intramotors Gloria Scout - No Spark

have you filed the points? checked the point gaps? checked the plug wire? are the magnets rusty? good luck.

Re: 1977 Intramotors Gloria Scout - No Spark

condensor could be bad..

Re: 1977 Intramotors Gloria Scout - No Spark

Luke Evans /

do you have a manual? if you do, there should be a section on the electrical system, if you dont dont worry, you say your not to hot with electrics.. right well to make a spark you first have your points then your condenser, coil ht lead then spark cap + plug. do you have a continuity tester? it s always worth testing a bikes electrics i once had one and it was a fould connection, but i spent a fortune on new parts. any way, test continuty of the cable that leads to your condenser, im not sure wither your condenser will be an external item or behind the flywheel, doesnt matter, any way you want to check cable continuity from the points to the condenser, then from the condenser to the coil. if youve got a decent multimeter you chould be able to check the coil and get a reading, (if you have a manual it will tell you what you should excpect)


Re: 1977 Intramotors Gloria Scout - No Spark

the first thing you want to do is make sure the engine bearings are not worn out. the engine should spin but have no loose play because the magnets on the flywheel could hit the poles. you don't want any rust on the flywheel or poles. your points have to be shiny and smooth. put a sliver of lube on the point pivot axle and lobe that the points ride against the flywheel. if you dont have a manual try a gap of .016 of an inch between the flywheel and poles and at the points. all suggestions by the other mopeders were right on.

Re: 1977 Intramotors Gloria Scout - No Spark

Thanks guys!!

I've printed this out and I plan to check tonight on the points and stuff, but no, I don't have the manual or a continuity tester...

I sure hope I can figure this out, the ped only has 369 miles on it!! They were both practically new when they were stored and neglected...

Thanks again everybody!

Don't hesitate to post more info on these bikes if you have it... thanks!


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