gas tank clean

roadent$ craig /

alright, im going to get right to the do i clean a gas tank? about to test to see if it is infact dirty...and if it is...then i will need to clean it

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Jason Luther /

you start by using the search button

Re: gas tank clean

i would just use water. but just make a reasonable effort to dry it out when you're done.

Re: gas tank clean

See Ya Moped Army /

Water won't do jack to remove rust and varnish. Use the Search Function to find the various methods to clean out gas tanks.

Re: gas tank clean

for sure, rust can be a problem. i had a moped once that i had to constantly siphon the gas out of and blow out the filter, but eventually the problem went away.

Re: gas tank clean

i sure hope you were kidding about the water thing...

This is what you do -

If there is yak from dried up gasoline and two stroke oil, use

Yamaha Carb cleaner, mixed about three-to-one with gasoline,

to soak the tank for a day or two.

And/or if there is rust: dry the tank well and fill it with white

vinegar. Over night soaking will have all rust etched off.

Rinse it with gasoline. Let it dry.




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