Sachs Wiring

Hi everyone,

So the rebuild of my 1978 Sparta conitinues, it's almost done! I have a question about the wiring which, like all other things, I'm lerning about as I go. I would like to get rid of the big bulky control box on the right side of the handle bar. It has switches for the lights saying "on/off" and "high/low" as well as the horn and the flashers. I was wondering if I could simply follow the wires into the light (where there is a wiring harness) and just disconnect them or if that will screw things up. Bascically I just want the headlight and the rear light to be on all the time and the brake light to work. Any thoughts?

Re: Sachs Wiring

If I remember correctly, starting from the switch, take the brown(black?), yellow, and white wires (3 of the 5, I believe), and cut them about 5 inches before they go into the harness. Take a wire cap nut, or similar electrical connector, and connect all 3 of these wires together. Then you will always a have a headlight and tailight. I think the other 2 wires can be removed. But double check where they go first. If there's a red(purple?) one it goes to the horn, and is all but useless. The last one may be the 'flasher' button, if it is, it's also useless.

Does that sound right?

Re: Sachs Wiring

Double check you're wiring and get back to me before you start cutting shit off. You can also call me if you need any more info. I'm a Sparta/Foxi expert.

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