forks/suspension - what type of grease

while i have my bike completely taken apart, i want to make sure the suspension is well lubed. (The bike should run close to 50 mph once I have the mods done to it, so I want everything in top shape if I'm going to be cruising around at such high speeds). So I've taken apart the front fork completely, but I can't seem to get the chrome suspension tubes out of the fork piece. See the pic. Anyway, has anybody done this before? How do you clean and re-lube the front suspension? thanks.


forks/suspension - what type of grease

Idid a search, you can do that by looking at top of this page for search, I found this copied and pasted it and I have done this recently:

Just flip it , the moped, upside down, get the forks pointing straight up, and spray a load of penetrating oil into the suspension.

then let it sit for a day or two.

taking forks off is very time consuming. All electric, and cables must be removed. And that is the easy part!

Re: forks/suspension - what type of grease

yeah and about that gas leak your going to have? killer. HOw about all the fluids in the motor, bad to be upside down?

Re: forks/suspension - what type of grease

lol, the pic in my post should make it pretty clear that I've managed to remove the fork completely. In fact, I have nearly everything removed from the frame except the kickstand. Anyway, anybody know how to do this properly?

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