JC Penny Swinger 2 No Spark?

I have 2 JC Penney Swinger 2 mopeds. 1 of them has great spark and runs great. The other has no spark at all. I have cleaned the points and checked all that I know and still no spark. I thought it might be the coil so I switched them and the running one ran fine with the different coil. Do you think the condensor might be the problem? Any help would be appreciated. The mopeds have been sitting for 15-20 years indoors. 1980 I think the years are. 400 miles on each.

Re: JC Penny Swinger 2 No Spark?

I forgot to say in the first post, when I pedel it to turn the engine over, the horn will sound so I guess there is some power being made somewhere.

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