Sachs 505 torque question

Need some help with somebody that has Sachs 505 service manual. I need the Torque for the clutch and flywheel for Sachs

505/1D motor. I looked on MRA. but they dont have Sachs engine manual that I could fine. I'm Currently rebuilding my motor and want to make sure I get the Fp set right. or email or post the info would be great.

Thanks Dean.

Re: Sachs 505 torque question


If you by chance find out this information, I would also like to know. I just picked up a 505/1 D that Im rebuilding. Thanks.

Re: Sachs 505 torque question

I just looked in my Sachs Parts book and it shows no specific torque, I generally just go 1/8" tighter the snug on small engines.

I have this but your really have to search through it.

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