How much do Tomos parts cost ?

I ask because the only dealer anywhere near me (25 tedious miles away) seems wildly overpriced. And not very friendly as soon as he realizes that I am not buying a new one from him.

I called for a chain yesterday and he told me $35.00 for 90 links. I was going to get it but realized I didn't have time to run all that way. So I called a local lawnmower place that I regularly do business with and they sold me two chains and three master links for about $25.00 So that's maybe $11. per chain?

I was going to pay the $35. but now it's starting to make me wonder if all the dealer stuff is triple?

Is that standard?



Re: How much do Tomos parts cost ?

No, that's down-right rediculous. Chains should normally run about 15 bucks a length (regardless of count) That and master links should only run you a buck or 2.

Call a motorcycle shop, ATV shop, Scooter Shop, or Ike's Bikes. They'll give you a much better deal.


How many links should there be ?

Poodle Head Mikey /


The original chain was 88 links.

Someone on here told me 90 links.

So I got two 90 link chains. (one and a spare)

Last night I boiled them in Slick-50 chain wax.

But today I had to cut some links off - the new 90 link chains were too long.

Was the "90 links" advice wrong?



Re: How many links should there be ?

someone went to mini-trail-bikes.... hahaha. Its really only about 18 milse away from me in washington township, maybe its 25 from you in pitman or wherever your located? It depends on your gearing, 90 links is what it is stock, don't forget teeth wear down, and 90 links gives u room for more gearing etc. all that mumbo jumbo, also don't forget about your chain tensioners (rear wheel).

Is it just me? Or is that guy a jerk to everyone?

Poodle Head Mikey /


Although; I just went for a light bulb socket originally - and he did seem to try very hard to locate one. But as soon as he realized that I wasn't buying a new speedo to get a working light, or a new moped to get one - I was 'dismissed'. <g>

I was just guessing at the miles - and it's a pain in the ass to drive there in general - there is no direct route.

The chain came off because the masterlink came apart somehow. I ended up buying two 90 link lengths of 420 chain instead. I boiled it in home-made chain wax yesterday and installed one today. 90 links was too long - so I cut three rollers out and it adjusted up OK.

The forks were slightly twisted and I noticed some play in the swingarm bushings, so I did a full alignment.

It was damned cold out today but I managed some testing miles - all seemed well. Except me. <g>



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