starts then dies

an 82 Suzuki FA50 ...

When I got it I couldn't get it to turn over. The spark is strong and all power works.

Cleaned out the carb ..

Had better luck.

Bypassed the carb and added some 2cycle oil and fuel directly into the motor to test it and it fired right up.

Put the carb back on , added the fuel. It started up but died right away.

These suzukis are confusing. Is the oil hole just for the tran or does that mix into the engine as well? Do I add the oil mix ratio into the gas tank along with the fuel or just put the oil into the oil hole.

Have better luck getting it to start up when I pour oil directly into the fuel line and let it hit the carb then crank it... It fires up ... then dies shortly afterwards. Seems like that oil burns quick.

Any ideas?

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