Is this piston still good??

Hey guys, I took apart my top end just to check it out and make sure all of the gaskets were OK and i noticed the piston looked like this:

-Is that normal? Or is it time for a new piston?

Here is my ped:

Re: Is this piston still good??

cant really tell but if there are tons of scratches on it then it may be time for anew piston and cylender. do you have a better picture?

Re: Is this piston still good??

Jason Luther /

thats a terrible picture. it looks like the piston melted into a blurry mass. the top of the piston really isnt all that important. get a nice focused picture of the side of the piston, especially the exhaust side. i have reused some pretty gnarly pistons without major problems, as long as the cylinder walls are okay

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