Taking Off Cylinder

My cylinder and cylinder head is really really, I mean really dirty with rust and red clay. I'm going to replace the 4 bolts, the head gasket and the cylinder base gasket. Removing the cylinder head seems easy enough. When I remove the cylinder, for what should I watch out? Will the piston rings break? And when I put the cylinder back in, I know to put some 2-stroke oil on the piston, should I also coat the walls of the cylinder? Watch agent should I use to clean this rust and clay off? After I clean it, I hope to spray paint it. I've got some high heat flat black spray can that I hope to use. But I might want to spray the cylinder head chrome. How hot do normal engines usually run so I can make sure the chrome doesn't start to peel or turn into fire. Thanks for your help.


Re: Taking Off Cylinder

Jason Luther /

taking the cylinder head off is easy, just slide it off. support the piston though at the end so it doesnt bang against the crank case. to clean it get some paint thinner/mineral spirits and some pipe cleaners of small brush to get into the fins. you need the specialhigh temp engine paint because the head and cylinder get really hot. is it aluminum? if so you can polish the flat surfaces real nice like. finally putting it back on, make sure everythingis lubed up and then make sure the piston rings are seated over the little pins in the groove, or you will never get it on. compress the rings with your finger and thumb as you are sliding into the cylinder. dont force it

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