1981 Tomos Silver Bullet won't restart!

Hey All,

It was not easy, but I took the carburetor off of my 1981 Tomos Silver Bullet and cleaned it thoroughly, plus I replaced the petcock valve. The biggest problem now is the bike starts and idles good (Would not idle before), when it's cool. But, if the bike runs for a while (5-15 minutes) and I shut it down, I am unable to restart it for about 30 minutes or longer... Any ideas why?

The air/mix screw on the carburetor closes itself due to vibration. To combat this, I cut an old spring down to fit and keep tension on the screw and not allow it to close.

Also, 1st gear is kinda jerky and very slow - it takes a bit for it to change gears, but once it does, it goes pretty good - not nearly as quick acceleration as my 1978 Honda Hobbit however. How can I help out the acceleration and gear shifting?

If you have any ideas how to combat the restart problem, please help me out here... I'm baffled.

Thanks for your help in advance,


Re: 1981 Tomos Silver Bullet won't restart!

there should be gear oil (tranny fluid) that has to be changed, there should be a drain plug on bottom and a fill screw on top if its anything like an a35 motor. (right side of case). I would then run it ofr about 50 miles and change it again so your sure all the bad gunk is out of there. As for the restarting... i'm not completely sure.

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