bad spark? maybe points? or wires?

as of right now my bike is not running. when i check my plug its wet so it's getting gas. I torched my plug to see if it's getting too much gas, and that didn't work. so my next guess (which had previously been suggested) is that it might be my spark. I'm getting spark, but perhaps not enough spark or inconsistent spark. i've been told to check the points and/or the wiring. what i need help with is locating these components. so if somebody could tell me how to check these, that would be awesome. pictures would be even better. thanks a bunch. (and since people are probably gonna ask, it's a '79 Baretta 45, 86CC Minarelli kit, Dellorto 14/12 Carb, and 72 jet.)

Re: bad spark? maybe points? or wires?

George Smith /

timing is also important, so dont forget that :)

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