sachs problem

i had my sachs moppet sitting in my basement for 5 months...tried to get it going today but it just wouldnt start. any suggestions...


Re: sachs problem

was it running when you stored it? was it stored with gas in it?

Re: sachs problem

That could be 100 thousand things. I would pull the carbureator clean that shit, to the point where you could eat off of it. check all of your cables. Clean your intake manifold, check your petcock, and last but not least put a new sparkplug on that shit.

Re: sachs problem

Ben Van Zoest /

Tried starting fluid?

Re: sachs problem


it was running fine when i stored it. i drained the gas. it didnt start for the life of me last night/. started on the first pedal today

thanks anyhow

alll i need to do now is find a speedo cable.

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