No Power From Moped

I have a jawa x25. It runs good but has no power what so ever. I checked the rings and all are good. I am guessing it is a drive clutch. If so, how do i get to it!! Are there any other possible things i should check befrore i tear the whole engine apart?? Thanks alot for the help!!


Re: No Power From Moped

See Ya Moped Army /

I don't know how you "checked" the rings, but you need to do a compression check.

Re: No Power From Moped

George Smith /

umm by no power do you mean you rev the motor to drive and it doesn't move, or it is slow to take off? or what need a bit more info :) if ya do need a clutch i may have one :x or even a complete lower end in good shape :)

Re: No Power From Moped

Kevin B. /
kev OP

the rings are not warn and it hold compression

i revs and doesnt move!


Re: No Power From Moped

George Smith /

bad clutch, send me a picture of your type of jawa motor/jawa model 207/210 what have ya i may have a spare clutch lying around :) which actually i have several complete motors and a few halfs lol

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