replacement stickers?

If I repaint my '89 tomos a3 bullet are replacement stickers available? and if so where could i find them? I'd like to change the color, but not if it means losing the tag stickers that show make/model etc. dunno why but i kinda like the look of them, and the directions on them are cute to me.

Re: replacement stickers?

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

you might find some on ebay or mopedwarehouse. i see motobecane stickers on ebay all the time.

Re: replacement stickers?

steveintoronto /

i know what you mean about the old stickers on mopeds. i think that the striped ones on your bike really accentuate the retrogression associated with peds in general.

i think that the stickers listed on ebay (honda, motobecane etc.) might say that the company has more designs in their description, or that they do custom jobs too. maybe if you cantact them via ebay messaging they will have what you're looking for.

another option is to paint the stripes on when you refinish the bike and put a different tomos sticker on top of that.

just a thought.....

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