1981 Tomos Silver Bullet Repair

Hey Everybody,

Yesterday, I bought what was sold to me as a 1981 Tomos Silver Bullet for 100 bucks... it runs, but does not idle well. I think the carburetor could use a good cleaning...

Most importantly, what is the easiest way to remove, clean and reassemble the carb? On my Honda PA50, it's a pain. I hope it's not that complicated...

Other stuff to correct: The fuel valve has been rigged... I want to replace the old petcock with a new one, does anyone know where I can find one? Also need rear turn signals... Does the Silver Bullet have an Air Filter? If so, I can't find it for the life of me...

BTW, I clicked the search option and tried to find old posts, but 0 matches for my searches were found...

Any help will be much appreciated.




1981 Tomos Silver Bullet Repair


Re: 1981 Tomos Silver Bullet Repair

that bike for 100 bux is a HUGE deal, nice find

the carb is easy to disassemble and clean, it only has a few moving parts

the airfilter may or may not be a metal screen in the airbox but lots for them cdid not have them.

you can get replacement parts from dan @ <www.1977mopeds.com>

Re: 1981 Tomos Silver Bullet Repair

Hey Matthew, for an Mb5 70cc malossi kit would I need a new reddvalve?


Re: 1981 Tomos Silver Bullet Repair

no, you can use your stock ones OR buy the carbon type with 4 valves and a spacer. ive used both and like the honda OEM better

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