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I have a stock maxi with a bing carb and I looked at the thing bill webb wrote about bing carbs in the resource section, and I have a maxi 2hp in it, its a 1980. He says its a 60, and does anyone know if you get a techno estoril what size i should get? thanks

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a techno estoril is a really nice pipe dude. go for it. you will need something in the high 60's i doubt you will need a 70. try 66 and 68 and then just tune your airbox to the right ratio.

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what sort of things do you mean by tuning the airbox? thanks for the help

Re: Maxi Jet size

oh by the way harold, did your techno estoril help with low end at all, and is it really loud or sound good? thanks man

Re: Maxi Jet size

It is very loud. has great low end and no i dont like the sound. it is a little rattly and metallic. i was hoping for a deeper rumble. its a great pipe though.

Here is what tuning your airbox means. Jets come in all different sizes. just because it says its a 64, doesnt mean its a 64. it could be more like a 72. When i refer to jet sizes i am specifically speaking of actuall BING jets. now lets say you had a 68 in your carb. Do a plug chop (see freds guide) now if your spark plug is a little too dark (rich) you dont need to put in a smaller jet. you can just take restriction out of your airbox and make it "high-flow".

The bigger the jet the more gas/air

The smaller the jet the less gas/air

Less restriction on the airbox the less gas/air

More restriction on the airbox more gas/air

On a stock maxi you can take some restriction out by removing the white hose that comes with the airbox. Stock airbox's such. i recomend making your own with a bottle and different layers of nylon leggings.

Re: Maxi Jet size

i have a question, i bought a size 58 jet for my bing carb, and it comes as a little screw in piece to screw into the body part, but on my stock one, it doesent look like the head unscrews. how do i put it on?

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