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I purchased a 2001 Avanti Mont yesteday – when I put on breaks at a stop light, it cuts off. I hear a clicking sound in the engine as I slows down, then the moped shuts off. I have to pedal to start again. I can’t ride after dark because I have no lights when I stop. I was told it could be a bad bulb. I found one and changed it. This problem only occurs when the rear wheels stop moving. I can put the moped on the stand, start it up and apply the front breaks and it is fine. Apply the back breaks and the engine shuts down. My gear oil is grey, is this normal. Also, I can’t find Servo 20W 40 here at the Auto parts (I live in the United States).

When I idle down I hear clicking noise and the chain is jurky. Moving the moped is difficult when trying to go backwards (to move it out of a parking space); the pedal and gears seems to engage.

I'm trying to change the oil in the gear box I don't know what to buy, oil or transmission fluid.

Re: Help! repair solution

sounds like maybe you're idle is still too high, and when you apply the brakes or keep it still you're fighting the motor? but it also sounds like it could be a problem with your clutch as well.

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hey man I'm from CT, I heard you got tons of snow right now.... I have a peugeot a lot like that one and I have reason to believe it is an electrical problem. You might check out the timing and make sure it is properly adjusted, possibly replace the condensor. Is it difficult to start the moped, or do you have to pedal very fast to get it started?


Re: Help! repair solution

a friend of mine had a tomos that did that..there was a break in one of hih wires up in front of the head set...I would say try going over your wires and see if there is any loose connections...or broken wires.

Re: Help! repair solution

No, it starts fine. The snow was in the mountains.

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