peugeot 103 won't idle

Bill Monahan /

I have a peugeot 103 that I have running but can't get it to idle. It has a gurtner carb that I have taken apart and cleaned. It runs great while cruising along and everything works. Does anyone have any experience with these carbs on peugeots?

Thanks Bill

Re: peugeot 103 won't idle

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

The only expierence I have had with those carbs is that they are a pain in my ass. How is your compression? if you have an air leak somewhere it may be your issue. check your intake gasket and all that good stuff. make sure the carb has a good solid seat on the intake as well. you may try playing with the holes in the airbox too.

Re: peugeot 103 won't idle

mopedwhisperer /

Peugeot`s do have a idle circuit that gets clogged and is very difficult to get all the crap out, what I do to modify those gurtner carbs idle circuit really works well, it involves drilling a new air bleed hole through main jet cavity to allow a better draw of fuel for idle. There is a little hole on the back of carb right below the main hole, that is your idle air cavity...drill through that hole with a drill slightly bigger than a sewing needle (slightly!!) you will feel it poke through to the main jet cavity keep drilling it will now poke through the air bleed cavity in front of carb. squirt clean with carb cleaner.Now the carb will pick up fuel for a very smooth idle ....If you are not confident doing this DON`T If you want to email for more details go ahead...Or get a Del orto 12/14 cable choke.. better carb......good luck

Re: peugeot 103 won't idle

great info!

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