Sachs Troubleshooting???

I bought a columbia moped from my local junkyard, it has a sachs engine on it, heres my has spark, so i've tried putting a little starting fluid in the head, put the spark plug back on, and pedaled like hell....nothing. This is my usual routine check to see if there is spark on a moped, and usually, if it does, and i spray a little starting fluid in there, it pops and sputters for a second or two, BAM! its a runner! but this one doesnt, it just keeps turning over, like theres no spark. I know it has spark though, i put a new plug in it, and grounded the plug on the outside of the head, and pedaled like hell, and there was a spark consistantly jumping. then when i would put starting fluid in the head, screwed the plug back in, and pedaled, nothing happened, no popping or sputtering, nothing. i tried takin the carb off and the muffler off, in case either of the two were clogged and blocking flowage. Still no dice. damn. Any suggestions?

Re: Sachs Troubleshooting???

change the plug and look at the points,, it is harder to make a spark under compression than in free air.. also shine a light down the plug hole and look for something like a load of dust or a hole in the piston.. not likely but that could do it also

Re: Sachs Troubleshooting???

sounds like an intermittent or grounded spark. the plug may spark outside of the motor but isnt doing the same inside the cylinder right? it can be created by bad condensors or maladjusted points check for rust on magneto and make sure points are correctly set. also make sure that the coil is firmly attached to the frame

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