my moped isn’t idling anymore.. does anyone know what this could be from? not enough oil.. or something with the carburator.. im not to much of a mechanic, but if someone could give me directions i could probably fix it. thanks.


Re: idling

steveintoronto /

it's got to be missing one of these 3 things:




read the 'fred's guide' trouble-shooting section posted on the resources section of this site and try to figure out how to provide some better info than, "my ped's not working." someone will be able to help you get it running once they know more.

that's a really nice bike, by the way.

Re: idling

steveintoronto /

...sorry replied to the wrong post!

it could be something as simple as (carefully) adjusting the screws on the carb to achieve a smooth idle, but it could also be something more complicated. i think more info from youwill be needed such as: will it idle with the choke on? will it keep running if you give it a bit of gas at a stand-still? does it run normally otherwise?

Re: idling

wow did you repaint that? it looks really nice.

about idling do you mean it will run with throttled but not when released? if so then you should turn up the idle screw. if it just wont start in general then it can be anything.

whether the oil is mixed in the gas or not it should start up. as a matter of fact it might start better without oil. but dont do that it will just sieze. check to see if it sparks by taking out the sparkplug putting it in the boot and holding the tip to the cylinder to ground it. kick it over and see if it sparks. oh yeah do this after seeing if your carb is clean and if the carb blown is getting gas. then if you get a spark and gas, make sure your timing is correct. if you dont get a spark at all. or the spark just isnt strong enough with the engine perfectly timed. then you can swap out the coil and see if that helps. then you can keep the coil and try a new wire and boot. i used to have a maxi that wouldnt start and all it needed was a new sparkplug boot.

Re: idling

about idling do you mean it will run with throttled but not when released?

exactly! but where is the idle screw? haha..

Re: idling

oh ive only used bing carbs. but there should be a big screw sticking out somewhere

and it shouldnt really hold any part in

well just screw it in all the way. and see if your idle is better. it limits how low your slide can possibly go when throttle is released.

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