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Ok I have another problem. I think the timing on my bike is wrong because it keeps on stuttering and i think it may be because its not firing correctly. I checked "Freds Guide on How To Fix Your Moped" and i couldn't really find what it was talking about I didnt see any T or F markings and im not really sure what to do. Can you guys shed some light on this for me please.

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Is it for your Peugeot 103? (Nice bike by the way) I've set the timing on a 103 before, and its not too bad. There should be some grooves marked into the flywheel for the timing. Do you not see any markings at all? The flywheel is on the left side of the bike (facing the front of the bike) under a silver metal cover. If you find the markings, watch the points open and close as you turn the flywheel.(take out the sparkplug so you can turn the engine easy) The points should open just as the first groove on the flywheel passes the groove on the engine case(I think it was right at the top). If this is not the case, it needs to be corrected.

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I remeber there being a marking on it and it kind of looked like an arrow with two lines un the top and bottom that bisect it.

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get the owners manual:

then you'll need a way to measure piston height, i use a dial caliper but you can get creative.

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