Hey i just got my 77 batavus starflite running, but in order to keep it running i have to hold the choke in pretty much all the time im riding! is this a simple gas/air problem that can be fixed with jet tomfoolery or is it something more complicated...more evil?

Re: Gas/Air?

steveintoronto /

should be as simple as adjusting the screw (increase the gas) on the carb, but you may also want to check your air filter to make sure it's okay.

Re: Gas/Air?

If your bike only runs with the choke on, then it's getting air from somewhere else. (or too much of it) Make sure your filter is legit and that there aren't any air leaks around the carb. You can test for air leaks with starting fluid. Spray the suspect area with the fluid. If the engine races then you've got a winner.



Re: Gas/Air?

play around with the Carb! mess with the thortle body!

Re: Gas/Air?

make sure all of your jets are clean! and that your air screw (if you have one...) is adjusted right/close to right, and that non of your rubber is cracked.

Re: Gas/Air?

Josh hit it dead on!


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