puch wiring

i am restoring a 80 puch maxi...it was in bad shape, and i had to ditch all wiring and switches and harnesses. i did the same thing to my flandria, wich was easy to wire up to run, and get the lights working. the puch is a lot harder. does anyone know what wire/combination of wires i can use to run to the plug to get a spark?

i have read that some puchs wont run unless all the bulbs are not burnt out. if this is the case, is it possible to trick the moped?

if anyone knows anything, i would love some advice


Re: puch wiring

Find the blue wire coming out of your engine, hook that up to your coil. the other plug on the coil is for a ground wire. If you ground every other wire coming out of your engine you bike will spark and if you have gas flow and compression your bike will run

Good luck

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