transmission tune-up

I am doing some standard tune-up on my two-speed Kreidler, which I bought recently. I would like to change the transmission fluid, especially since it tends to go GUH-GUH-GUH-GUH-GUH when changing gears. I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on this: What sort of transmission fluid should I use? How much? Any tips/hints on how to do this? Is it simple and straightforward or will this be a long and difficult procedure?

Any advice you can give will be very helpful. Thanks!

Re: transmission tune-up

John Joedicke /

Repair manual at Mopedriders. on Krieder. Specs say 330 cc of ATF in tranny.

Re: transmission tune-up

Kreidler Tranny's SUCK... You have to use VERY Thin transmission oil in them... Type A, suffix A... you will get that chug with new clutches and with clean oil... You have to pedal them through second gear going up hill to be sure of smooth shifts and to take the pressure off the clutches.


Re: transmission tune-up

Thanks for your help!

Re: transmission tune-up

When I change tranny oil in bikes or peds I like to clean the case with brake cleaner just to get it a little cleaner.

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